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This is a rather bland homepage for Starmerville.com. For now this page will link some useful tools and resources on the starmerville site. At some point the site may be improved for your viewing and reading pleasure, but for now this will have to do :)

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On April 12, 2008, I was struck by a pickup truck while out riding my bicycle. I remember being passed by the truck and thinking "man, he's not giving me any room." Then I remember seeing there was a trailer in tow behind the truck and then everything went blank. The next thing I remember is talking to the EMT in the ambulance about an hour and a half later. Some very nice folks found me in the ditch. My helmet was crushed, and I had a broken collar bone, some nerve damage in my right hand, a bunch of road rash, and a torn meniscus in both knees. I am very fortunate to still be here, and to be in one piece. I'm planning on putting together some kind of web resource to bring more awareness to the "3 Feet Law". Motorists must leave at least 3 feet between them and a bicyclist when passing. I'm investigating making a cycling jersey with some "3 Feet Law" graphics on it. Here is my first pass at a few road sign graphics.

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